Rory Green (played by Ewan McGregor) is the husband of Isabel Green, the father of Norman, Megsie, and Vincent Green, the brother of Phil Green, and the uncle of Cyril and Celia Gray, and he appears in Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang.

Rory is absent for most of the movie as he is away fighting in World War 2. During the course of the film, his brother Phil tries convince Isabel to sell the farm, even going so far as to forge a telegram informing Isabel that Rory is dead, but Norman doesn't believe it, and goes off to the War Office to talk to Cyril's father. Norman and Cyril learn that Rory is missing in action and there is no record of a telegram being sent, so they hurry back to the farm where Phil's deplorable actions are exposed.

Rory only appears in two scenes: first during a flashback where Isabel recalls her and Rory's wedding day, and again in the final scene where he returns to his family with his left arm in a sling.