Eric is the fourth of the seven Brown children, and the second boy. He is extremely sneaky and intelligent, possibly more so than Simon.

His rather large vocabulary implies that, like Lily, he is a bookworm. He is very protective of Aggy, Sebastion, and Chrissie


Eric is considered highly intelligent by his siblings, being Simon's second in command. He is tenacious and sly, as well as being open-minded and very cunning. His cleverness outclasses that of many of his siblings and sometimes his own father

Estimated AgeEdit

He is about 9 and a half or ten years old.


  • The name he told Nanny McPhee was Sandra.
  • He is quite close with his oldest brother Simon.
Brown family
Cedric Brown, Mrs. Brown, Simon Brown, Eric, Lily Brown, Tora, Sebastian Brown, Christianna Brown, Agatha Brown